Stella's Chocolate Truffle Rolled In Dehydrated Peanut Butter [Photo Recipe]

If you've ever eaten dinner at Stella, you probably recognize the picture above. Our chocolate truffles have turned into an "accidental" signature dish. Brought out to every table as the check is presented, this truffle recipe itself is solid if not simple; why mess with a good thing? The truffle is rolled in dehydrated peanut butter, giving it a bit of a whimsical twist while playing on the tried and true chocolate-peanut flavor pairing. My servers often lovingly describe this little treat as a "reconstructed peanut butter cup on steroids." Please note that all ingredients are measured by weight.

Flourless Chocolate Cake - Basic Recipe

Flourless Chocolate Cake Served At Stella
With only five ingredients, this flourless cake is super easy to prepare and will make your toes curl with satisfaction as the decadent cake yields to your spoon and the chocolate slowly coats your tongue as it melts.
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