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Turkey Gravy

How to Make Turkey Gravy - Thanksgiving Recipes

Blow minds with this simple yet delicious turkey gravy.

Basic Baguette Recipe

French Baguette Bread

This recipe and it's methods were developed to replicate a decent baguette in a home oven, complete with the ever hard to achieve "crackly" crust. For a detailed video on how to make this baguette, including shaping and baking technique, please refer to the link in the "notes" section below.

Halibut Ceviche

Halibut Ceviche Recipe

This dish is a great representation of the collaborative environment that I try to foster at Stella. Pulling influences from different backgrounds, cultures, and styles is what we're constantly striving towards.

Basic Sourdough Boule - 70% Hydration

70% Hydration Sourdough Boule

This is a scalable recipe designed to yield one large sourdough boule. This is the exact recipe used in our "How To Make A Basic Loaf of Sourdough Bread Video." Please see video and show notes for further information. Also, if you have a smaller dutch oven (this recipe calls for a 7qt), try halving the recipe by clicking on the appropriate button in the yield box to the right.

Chablis Poached Salmon Rillette with Lemon and Tarragon

How to Make Salmon Rillette - Recipe

A rillette is made from meat, (usually pork or game), that is slowly cooked in fat or a flavored liquid, and then pounded into a paste using some or all of the cooking liquid. The resulting paste is then placed in a jar or ramekin and capped with fat, which allows the meat to cure and the flavors to meld.

Sourdough Brown Bread

Erupean Style Brown Bread

This European style brown bread is hearty, complex of flavor, and most importantly, delicious. If you need a mid day "pick me up," this bread will give you a surprising boost of energy and sustain you between meals.

Pickling Liquid - All Purpose

All Purpose Pickling Liquid

This all purpose pickling liquid is used at Stella to pickle everything from onions and shallots to cherry tomatoes and ramps. Its a great base recipe that with the addition of a few spices and seasonings, can be customized to fit any need

Reconstructed Berry Pie

Reconstructed Berry Pie - lime macerated berries with basil, vanilla chantilly, pie crust

This "reconstructed" berry pie is a simple play on a traditional favorite. I love macerated berries in the summer time, and who doesn't like a good berry pie? This dessert takes half the work and a third of the time as a normal berry pie, and by rethinking its structure, it allows you to keep your berries moist and macerated in a delicious simple syrup while keeping your crust crisp and flaky.