Court Bouillon

Court Bouillon is a classical broth used for poaching fish, sea food or vegetables. It usually contains onions, cloves, mirepoix and a bouquet garni. White wine, lemon juice, and vinegar are commonly added.

Veal Stock - Basic Recipe

There are two kinds of veal stock; brown and white. The only differentiating factor is whether or not the bones are roasted. The decision to roast the bones is dependent on the final application of the veal stock. If you are making a traditional Veal Veloute, a white veal stock is needed. If you will be using your veal stock as a rich braising liquid, such as braised beef short ribs, I would recommend roasting your bones first. For more information on white veal stock, please see the recipe notes below.

Fish Stock - Basic Recipe

Fish stock, (or fumet), is a great way to start any number of fish-based soups or sauces. Its subtle yet complex flavor will add great depth to risotto, fish Veloute, or a simple broth sensually bathing a homemade seafood sausage.
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